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Manchester / United Kingdom


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Workshop by Monika Wołk

Saturday 4th July 2020, 10.00-16.00
Manchester University, Oxford Road

Max 15 participants

For sketchers greenery, with all of their leaves and branches, is one of the most difficult subjects to capture and often omitted in favour of architecture. In this urban sketching course, I will help you to strengthen your painting abilities, and show you how to simplify greenery to create lively watercolour sketches.  


This workshop is focused on capturing trees and shrubs but we won't forget about architecture, people and all other elements of the scenery. We will paint it all.

During the class, I will teach you my watercolour techniques through a series of exercises. This lesson includes easy to follow instruction, analysis of my sketches, and plenty of tips, to help you better your sketching skills.

As this is a full-day workshop you will observe two demonstrations and receive individual attention. There will be one to one advice given to each student about their work and time will be taken to answer individual queries.  You will be given a workshop summary with text and images to further solidify your knowledge and to have something to refer to after class is finished. We will end the day with a review and a critique.

Painting landscapes on-location means you’re faced with constantly changing natural lighting, as well as nature, but the experience itself can make your inspiration flow. Please notice the workshop will run whatever the weather. We’ll have time for lunch which is not included.


The exact meeting point to be announced closer to date.



  • Creating a field of texture that will give the illusion of greenery

  • Applying with confidence the colour of the surrounding around the greenery to define its shape

  • Producing lively, fresh, and transparent watercolours

  • Identifying light and shadow within the scene, and applying them to the sketch to create some strength of form, contrast and interest




  • Folding chair

  • Good quality watercolour paper in loose sheets or in a sketchbook. Paper to be cold-pressed and at least 200gsm.

  • Watercolour paints

  • Portable mixing palette and water container

  • Small spray bottle - tool handy for wetting the paper, keeping paints moist and vital for my method of creating texture. I will have some spare bottles available for students

  • Soft pencil, eraser, watercolour brushes and paper clips



The early-bird fee is £60 and after April 1st will be £65 – so to benefit from early-bird fees please pay by 1st April! 10% of the workshop instructor’s fee will be donated to Urban Sketchers and also includes admin and PayPal fees. No refunds or cancellation fees offered unless the workshop is full. There are also no concessions.

Any specific queries about workshops please contact me. I will email participants at least one week before the workshop date to confirm final arrangements.


To book please email workshop admin Simone Ridyard or but please note she has a full-time job so apologies if it takes a while to reply to your email!

This workshop is a part of USk Manchester 10x10 Workshop Programme 2020. You can find list of other workshops here. 10x10 programme is a worldwide initiative to offer educational workshops wherever sketchers live. Launched in celebration of Urban Sketchers 10th anniversary in 2017, the program brings a variety of courses on urban sketching techniques taught by local instructors in their home cities.